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2022-04-02 06:46:23 By : Ms. Zhuoyuescl ZY

May 14, 2021 By Sovan Mandal 9 Comments

Bedtime reading can be a chore if you and your partner aren’t on the same page. Fortunately, we have front-lit e-readers available that will allow ample light to illuminate the display but won’t spill over to agonize your partner. Now, the good folks at WordGlo have an even more ingenious solution to the lighting issue that works with print books.

The way the WordGlo’s device works is simple though the basic principle is the same as that of front-lit e-reader devices. The WordGlo device, the patent for which is pending, introduces LED light into a thin glass panel which in turn covers the page of the book you are reading. This causes the printed text to be illuminated enough for you to read comfortably even in the dark.

The illumination also seems to be quite uniform so that there aren’t any dark spots as such. Similarly, the lighting is also soothing enough to be soft on your eyes. Another inherent benefit of the device is that it can serve as a bookmark as well thanks to its slim profile. Just leave it on the page that you have last read and that’s it. The device being thin enough, the book can be closed on it easily.

The company also revealed the device can last 30 hours on a single charge, which should be enough for several reading sessions even if you are on a binge reading mode. What’s more, the company is also claiming the device can be used with older e-reader devices as well that lack a front-lit display.

However, this also brings us to what can be considered a drawback of the entire setup. For it can be cumbersome at times if you are having to hold it together with the book for long, more so when the Kindle e-readers have long ceased to be the wallet-wrenching types it once was. Timing your purchases during shopping events will let you save even more.

So, for those interested in the front-light and bookmarking device, it is now available for CA$26.32. Buying more will let you save more, which includes a max 10 percent discount if you buy four at a time. The company is also offering a 30-day guarantee and is shipping worldwide.

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