Printing Material PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China

Product DetailsBrandSoundaProduct NamePVC Flex Banner (Including: Frontlit/Backlit/Mesh/Blockout )Material65% PVC, 35% PolyesterColorBluish White, Yellowish White, Milky White(Snow White)StandardDIN/GB/ISO//ANSIProcessCold Laminated/Hot Laminated/Coated/Semi-CoatedThread200X300D/ 500X300D/500X500D/1000X1000D/300X300DDensity18X12

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Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China
Product Details
Product NamePVC Flex Banner (Including: Frontlit/Backlit/Mesh/Blockout )
Material65% PVC, 35% Polyester
ColorBluish White, Yellowish White, Milky White(Snow White)
ProcessCold Laminated/Hot Laminated/Coated/Semi-Coated
Thread200X300D/ 500X300D/500X500D/1000X1000D/300X300D
Density18X12  12X18   9X9  16X16  18X18 20X20  28X28 42X40
Printable InkSolvent/Eco-solvent/UV/Screen Printing/Latex
High LightsSmooth surface/Weather resistance/ Excellent Image Express/Fast Dry
Weight230g, 240g, 260g, 280g, 300g, 340g, 380g, 400g, 440g, 510g
Width1.00m, 1.27m, 1.37m, 1.52m, 1.60m, 1.82m, 2.2m, 2.50m, 3.20m, 4.2m, 5.1m
Length30m, 50m, 70m, 100m,
Inner Core Diameter3inch
PackageWater Proof Kraft Paper/Hard Tube with print your logo
ApplicationOutdoor Billboard/Poster/Signage/Display/Light Box
Tariff Code5909 1090 .00
Lead Time: About 3 weeks after receive your down payment or LC
MOQ40rolls per width 
Port of DeliveryShanghai/Ningbo, China
Storage Life1 year
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Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China
Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China


1) Very strong base fabric. Smooth surface.
) Perfect printing impression. Dry quickly.
3) Excellently compatible with various solvent based printers.
4) Strong in anti-aging, self cleaning and weather resistance.
5) Specially suitable for application in temperature changing area.


1) Billboard
2) Flexible sign face
3) Large format light box
4) Trade show graphic
5) Display(indoor & outdoor)
Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China

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Product Code

DescriptionBasic FabricWidth(m)Weight(g/sqm)MOQ(rolls)
SDW300-440Blockout300*300D, 42*401.02~3.20440g40
SFC550-440Coated Frontlit500*500D, 28*281.02~3.20440g40
SFC1018-510Coated Frontlit1000*1000D, 18*181.02~3.20510g60
SM1010Mesh without liner1000*1000D,9*91.02~3.20230g40
SM1051Mesh with pvc liner1000*500D,12*181.02~3.20335g40
SM1212-BMesh with pvc liner1000*1000D, 12*121.02~3.20335g40
SDW550-440Laminated blockout500*500D, 9*91.02~3.20440g40
SBW550-440Laminated Frontlit500*500D, 9*91.02~3.20440g40
SGW530-440Laminated Frontlit500*300D, 12*181.02~3.20440g40
SBW231-380Laminated Frontlit200*300D, 18*121.02~3.20380g40
SF5305-4405M Flex Banner500*300D, 18*123.30~5.10440g40
SF8405-4405M Flex Banner1000*1000D,9*93.30~5.10440g40
SB1050-610Laminated Backlit1000*500D, 18*121.02~3.20610g40
SB550-510Laminated Backlit500*500D, 12*181.02~3.20510g40
SB530-440Laminated Backlit500*300D, 12*181.02~3.20440g40
SF1010-510Laminated Frontlit1000*1000D,9*91.02~3.20510g40
SF8400-440Laminated Frontlit840*840D,9*91.02~3.20440g40
SF550-440Laminated Frontlit500*500D, 9*91.02~3.20440g40
SF550-400Laminated Frontlit500*500D, 9*91.02~3.20400g40
SF530-440Laminated Frontlit500*300D, 12*181.02~3.20440g40
SF530-400Laminated Frontlit500*300D, 12*181.02~3.20400g40
SF233-280Laminated Frontlit200*300D, 18*121.02~3.20280g40
SF233-240Laminated Frontlit200*300D, 18*121.02~3.20240g40
SRB550-480Reflective Banner500*500D 9*91.35/1.55/1.80/2.25/2.70/3.15480g±2010
SRB530-480Reflective Banner500*300D 12*181.35/1.55/1.80/2.25/2.70/3.15480g±2010

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Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China

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Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China

Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China
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Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China

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Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China

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Printing Materials PVC Frontlit Flex Banner Made in China

 Frequent Asked Questions

1)What kind of ink are suitable for these reflective sheeting?

Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV printing and Screen printing

2) Which items sell best?

 It depends on the price and quality requirement in your market. Usually, SR3200 and SR3500 are more popular. 

3) Can you offer customized products?

 Yes, color, size, logo printing, package, etc, these all can be customized for certain quantity.

4)How can I get samples?

 Please advise the size you want, A4, 1mx2m, or others.

 If you have the express account, we will send you directly.

 If you don't have, we will calculate the postage and send you samples after we receive the postage.

5) Do you have some other products?

We are manufacturer of advertising materials. We have PVC flex banner( frontlit, backlit, mesh banner, etc), SAV(white printing SAV, color plotter SAV, etc.), PVC tarpaulin and more.

9 Our Service:

1) Stable and consistent quality.
2) Perfect after-sales service.
3) Fast delivery.
4) Quick response for your each question.
5) Solution-provided when you meet any difficulty.
6) Most competitive price when the quality is the same

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